D'Amicos Italian Market Cafe [Houston,Texas]

Are you old enough to remember Nash D’Amicos back in the mid-80’s?

Yeah, me neither.

OK. I lied.

I do. In fact it was a nice first date, (and ultimately the anniversary of that first date), place for a twenty-five year old DoobieWah.

Fast forward mumblemumble-two years and I had the opportunity to have lunch at its current iteration on Morningside a couple of days ago.

D’Amicos Italian Market Cafe is a charming and gentile little spot. I was at a business lunch with three others. Two selected the Fish Special of the day. They had a choice of snapper or salmon and both chose the snapper. It came with a Mediterranean Sauce with lemons and olives and peppers and some other stuff. I think there was also a little pile of pasta but I wouldn’t swear to it. Also came with a side salad, green or Caesar.

The third had the crawfish ravioli and said it was terrific. Ate every drop of the sauce as I recall.

I went for the Daily Special wherein I was able to select any three of eleven or twelve options ranging from salad to gelato. You can see the selections on the menu tab on their website linked above. I had the Caesar Salad, the Pesce Poblano and gelato.

All were excellent. The salad was just the right size, very fresh and technically well done. The fish was a four ounce portion of some flaky white fish, (cod or haddock I assume), baked and served with a poblano cream sauce. It was simply perfect.

The gelato was gelato. Good, but gelato.

If I had it to do again, I would have swapped out the gelato for a vegetable or even another entree portion just to have tried two different things.

My entire lunch was $9. (No, I didn’t mistype “$19”.)

This is a classic Houston restaurant you should visit. While searching for the menu, I ran across this article from last year which makes for a good read:

Houston Press - Chef Chat

I wish I officed close enough to eat there often. Instead, I’ll have to settle for eating there as often as I can.

Great service also. Attentive and helpful. Wish I’d gotten his name just so I could share it with you guys

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