Dame (West Village)

I’ve had this place on my list forever, and finally someone less lazy than me had the wherewithal to make a reservation (not easy). We were a party of four, and swept the first two menu categories. To whit:

Whitefish croquettes (excellent, with a semi-fiery sauce), sourdough bread, grilled oysters with chartreuse hollandaise. I prefer raw oysters, generally, and I have no idea where they’re getting the chartreuse, but these were pretty good, if a little heavy for a starter.

Squid and scallion skewers, beautiful fresh sauce and excellent smoky grilledness.

Trout, firm, saline, generally excellent. With husk cherries (detectable), uni (not detectable), and some kind of citrus-y foamy stuff.

Eel, leeks and gribiche. I thought this was terrific, a real “I’ve never had anything quite like this” moment. The rest of the table was like, meh.

Tuna tartare, which never really blows me away (I’m jaded), especially when it’s this crazy salty. It’s pretty, though.

Clams prepared like escargots. These were very nice, but they also seemed like something I could make myself, so I wasn’t all that impressed.

Cabbage with mussels and horseradish, the closest thing we had to a vegetable-forward dish, and the menu could use more of them. I was starting to get logy. Grilled cabbage is always a good idea, because it caramelizes so beautifully, and the horseradish added a bracing note.

What we all came for - the fish and chips. As crispy, flaky and delicious as advertised. Also? Not enough fries. I think we each got two. And they were very good fries.

Dessert, finally! The other thing we all came for - sticky toffee pudding. We got two orders, just to be safe, but we needn’t have bothered. No skimping on this - a huge slab.

And something vaguely virtuous, the poached pear with lemon posset and meringue. Posset is really pudding. Pudding is really cake.

I can barely move, now.


thats a really stingy dose of cream with the sticky toffee pudding

The cream measured about 3" x 1.5". I thought it was an adequate amount. The pudding slab was surprisingly large.

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Gorgeous pics! What is the fish in the 'fish and chips," haddock??

We think it was cod, but we didn’t ask, so I have no definitive answer. Could’ve been haddock, though.

OH this is great…finally got a table very early for a Monday in November…can you imagine that I just saw Chartreuse (and it is allocated!!). for about $160 a liter at neighborhood wine shop??? Very happy to be able to go!!! And hope to join a HO dinner soon!!!

I hope you have an awesome time!

I got the last bottle of Chartreuse from my neighborhood shop, and it “only” cost me $70, and now I have to ration it because they’re ain’t no more.

Also, come join us!

The answer to “how many fries can I eat?” is “the rest.” So you see my issue, here.


Your pictures make it all look very tasty indeed. As a random (?) aside, I am quite partial to the toro tartar at Yasaka on West 72nd Street. I know, you may never find yourself there, but depending on how you travel downtown from work…I’d meet you there, if you want company to try sometime…

Sure! Hell, I’d go tomorrow (10/29). I have no plans.

Every time I plan to go to Yasaka I end up elsewhere (because: dining companions). One of these days…

Hey, was supposed to go to Nasrin this evening, but not feeling great. Will take a rain check…DM me and let me know when you are this side of town usually? (We can rope @Saregama in if she is around!)

Just to add here: Two of us sat at the counter and had a fairly small but excellent dinner:

Oysters were sublime…no other word…I wouldhave ordered a dozen save for the price of $5 each.
I’m no fish and chips expert but the batter was beyond fantastic. I wish there had been a fish other than hake…big flakes but not my fave fish… But oh, that batter! And do those chefs word hard!!! Two females cooking for the entire (small-ish) restaurant. Kudos to them!

All in all, very good dinner, under $100 for two but with only the oysters and the fish and chips. Lovely, caring server. Recommend. And bar seats have backs so they are comfortable. Restaurant is noisy but not to the point of being bothersome.


Did you walk in or go with a reservation?

ETA: Read upthread, and I see you reserved.

Yes, weeks in advance and even then could only get counter seat which was fine.
Would I go back, given how far in advance I have to book…maybe not. So many great-sounding places to sample and we do not eat out of house more than once a week, if that…

I do wonder if the fish and chips always has hake, or maybe another, firmer fish? Hake/merluza is all over, everyplace, on Spanish menus but I do not see it much in NYC menus…large, pretty firm flakes but very mild taste. But that batter…wow! Deep fryer baskets, of course, which I do not have.

What are the opinions of hake from posters here??

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I love hake. Would get it to cook at home but very rarely find it at the places I buy fish and seafood in NJ. Cod, however, is ubiquitous, and I’m fine with it. (I never make fish and chips at home.)

At the one restaurant in NJ where we often order fish and chips, I think they use cod.

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I like hake a lot but I rarely see it available in Canada.
Our fish and chips in Canada tends to be halibut ($$$), haddock ($$), cod ($$), or pollock($).

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Roz: How do you cook the hake? Looking for any EASY fish recipes. I am in NYC so can get a pretty good selection. My favorite is branzino but the branzino here is imported and farmed, as I believe much of the branzino is in Italy, as well. Also like Orata but have only tasted this fish in Italy spectacular dish at my hotel on Salina); they translate it as “bream.” Not seen this in NY.

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Orata / Dorade / Dorada / Tsipoura is known as gilthead bream in English .

If you’re seeing it out in NYC, it should be on the menu at Milos and Molyvos, as Tsipoura.

There are several varieties of bream aka porgy. I think gilthead typically is more expensive than other breams.

Gilthead bream hould be available for sale at Portuguese and Greek-run fish markets.

Some I’ve been served in Montreal at Portuguese restaurants has been imported from Tunisia.

At my dad’s seafood resto (owned for 40 years 1968-2008. sold just before the crash started) we used either Hake or Cusk for the F&C. Both are a firm white fleshed fish & you can’t really tell the diff 'tween them & haddock. Pollock, OTOH, always looked grey to me.