Damansara [San Francisco, Noe Valley]

Damansara is a new Malaysian restaurant that took over the old Ardiana space. They have wine, beer in cans and bottles and a couple soju cocktails.

Babi Keluak Nyonya style pork belly slow cooked in rich buah keluak (fermented black nut) sauce. Pickles. Blue butterfly pea flower rice. $18
This was excellent - the best thing we had, the fermented nut sauce gave it a smokey flavor and the pork belly was perfectly cooked, tender with the fat nicely rendered. Spicy pickled cukes were a nice foil.

Otak-Otak Muar Johor style spiced coconut fish paste grilled in banana leaves. $10
Strong floral aromatics from lemon grass and the banana leaf - good but got rubbery as it cooled.

Achar Awak with Tofu
Fried silken tofu, turmeric pickled vegetables, pineapple, crushed peanuts.$10
Cereal & Salted Egg Fried Chicken Boneless thigh coated in creamy salted egg sauce and Tracy’s cereal crumbs. $16
Fried chicken and tofu dish were both pretty good, the fried chicken was better with the pickled veggies from the tofu dish though.

Laksa $24
This was pretty good, noodles were a tad mushy. I don’t have a ton of experience with Malaysian food but most of the laksas I’ve has have had much more coconut milk/creamier, although I’m sure there are many different styles.

We also got the *Nasi Lemak Meal $22, which was fried chicken with th blu rice and pickled veggies that came with a few other dishes. Basic fried chicken leg with thigh.
The menu feels a little limited to me.


Cool find always a treat to find new flavors and dishes never had most of those items !

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Hope it does well! The few Malaysian places in the Greater East Bay have all closed save for Aman Cafe (roti focused) in Oakland, and Nyonya Cafe out in Pleasanton.

So we haven’t been able to try a lot of Malaysian food but what we have tried, we’ve liked very much.

There is a Malaysian tea shoppe in Alameda, Malaya Tea Room, and I started a separate thread for it as my post was running rather long!


Yeah, there aren’t a lot of Malaysian places in San Francisco. I like Lime Tree, the Clement branch has a larger menu than the Irving location. There are a few spots that incorporate some Malaysian dishes, but I’m not really aware of any others that fully focus on Malaysian cuisine.