[Daly City] Inshallah Mediterranean- Levantine goodness inside a gas station

Inshallah Mediterranean is a takeout counter inside the convenience store of a gas station in Daly City, a few blocks away from Colma BART. Standard Levantine fast food. Its got a table with two folding chairs in front of the counter.

We got the:

  • chicken shawarma wrap $7.85
  • beef/ lamb gyro wrap $8.85
  • falafel $5 for a dozen
  • baba ganoush $4.25 for 8oz
  • hummus $4.25 for 8oz
  • tabbouleh $3.25 for 8oz
  • walnut baklava and pistachio baklava $1.85-$1.95

Price was cheap. Food was delicious. We liked the gyro in particular. Meat was well seasoned and tart and sweet pickled onion added a bright pop to the wrap. Chicken in shawarma was also very flavorful. Both were salty so its best to wash it down with drinks or other items like falafel, pitas, etc. The falafels were well fried and had a little heat. Loved the baba ganoush. The tartness was more pronounced in this rendition and we will be eating this for breakfast this week. Hummus and tabbouleh was also decent though I preferred the baba ganoush. Still haven’t eaten the baklavas yet so i will report back.

Inshallah is known on Yelp as its Yalla Yalla Mediterranean, its very brief previous name in its 2 month existence. Run by a Mexican gentleman. Didn’t have the opportunity to inquire his decision behind running a shawarma joint. Despite the divey appearance of the gas station, the counter looked pretty clean.

1216 Hillside Blvd. Daly City.

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I want to come back and comment on the tabbouleh. I liked it quite a bit when I ate the leftovers- well balanced between the parsley, tomatoes, mint, lemon juice, etc. I think the first time the strong taste of the wraps numbed the palate enough that I didn’t pick up much on the taste.

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