[Daly City, CA] Mitten crab sightings at Pop Kitchen?

I was just browsing the Yelp page of Pop Kitchen, a new steam Chinese/ dim sum place in Daly City, and saw these two pictures:

Of course, it could mean nothing as it might be just generic marketing pictures from the joint. But, did I not see mitten crabs in these two pics?

If someone goes there, please confirm their seafood selection!

Yes I have started two many mitten crab discussions these days…

I’m sorry I can’t speak to the existence of mitten crab, but we ate lunch at Pop Kitchen on 1/20/19. What a wacky place (in a good way). Well, wacky to me, and fun. Fun interior, chairs that look like they came off the “Partridge Family” bus, transparent cones on stalks that cover your food, steam it on a timer, and then automatically raise up. We had razor clams and some delicious (expensive) scallops, as well a bit of dim sum. We had tofu skin roll that was steamed for quite a while, but when it was done, it was fantastic. What most people do is place a bowl of congee in the well underneath the steamer and let it collect seafood juices, then eat the congee with its collected flavors. Anyway, hard to describe and pretty unique for SFBA and a lot of fun, with an extremely helpful and nice owner. (That’s my “Check Please” wrap-up.)


Ah! I kinda forgot about this place. Is this one of those steam food place where you steam your food at the table like at Tastee Steam Kitchen in Oakland?. Here’s a picture I found for Pop Kitchen:

That’s the place. I see in the other long thread that you, sck (I think so, anyway) wondered about whether the steamed seafood would be bland and rubbery. They set a timer depending on what’s under the steam hood, so it’s cooked properly. You are given a big box of condiments - soy, soy w/hot chilis, green onion, cilantro, hot chilis in oil, other things I can’t remember.