[Dalston, London], Yakitori @Jidori

A nice little yakitori place in Dalston better known for it’s Turkish places. They have a lunch special with a free soft drink with a yakitori rice bowl. I opted for the negima yakiotori don, chicken thigh with charred spring onions (I’m guessing they called it negima as they used the spring onions to replicate the negi you get with yakitori in Japan).

The chicken thigh was beautifully cooked and the spring onions worked really well. The onsen egg had a beautifully runny yolk which moistened everything nicely. Also came with nori & spinach.There was some unadvertised kimchi but it very much welcome being a bit funky& not overly acidic. The shisho lemonade was beautifully refreshing.

There was a katsu curry scotch egg on the menu which I regret not trying but will definitely give it a try next time. They also have a branch in Covent Garden worth a visit if your in the area or in Dalston & don’t fancy Turkish.


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Looks terrific!


I’ve been trying to go here for ages, but something always thwarts me! Maybe next time I’ll actually manage it.

Andu Cafe at 528 Kingsland Road is another good bet in the same area.

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