Daily Meal publishes it's list of 101 Best Pizzas in the U.S.A

Comments welcomed, of course.

That’s a fightin’ words generator ! That said, healthy discussion is healthy.


They seem to have worked hard to include most states. 101 very good pizzas, no doubt, but “best” isn’t the place for giving everyone a prize. To pick favorites, you have to pick favorites. It would really be an odd coincidence for the best pizza places to be fairly evenly distributed across the country, wouldn’t it?

I could be SOOOO wrong.

But I’m not convinced that a list like this helps nearly as much as the other list would help, the list that nobody dares to print: Pizza Places To Definitely Avoid. THAT would help a lot of people.

Pepes always at the top of these lists is a sure sign of some serious pr $.
I live nearby, have been a few times, usually with out of Towners and I find pepes pizzas to be greasy and the crust is flat and dull. I’m sure my opinion is in the minority. There is a new place across the street from pepes that is really excellent - no bits of crust left on my plate😁

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