Dabl is a DIY, over-the-air American TV station which may be new. Only recently did I come across it. There are old cooking shows the likes of Essence of Emeril, Everyday Food, and Martha, in blocks airing several times a day.

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Yes, it’s recently new to us too. I like it. In fact I thought of you the other day when Emeril brined a turkey. He put the salt and sugar in cold water and said you had to keep stirring until dissolved. Now we both know it should be done in warm/hot water and cooled off. Then he proceeded to put the turkey in a container that was obviously too small to hold it and brine splashed all over the place. Another day he made sausage. The camera kept its eye on the machine but no sausage was coming out. It went on and on like that Kind of funny. But what can you expect from a thirty year old show. I do like Martha. She’s timeless. And they also show “previously recorded” QVC shows where you obviously can’t order anything. Not sure who would would waste their time on that.:grinning: But all in all I like my new free channel. Comes in handy especially when the news is on, which is a lot lately.


I never watched Emeril, then or now. I confess to being an accent snob. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for nearly half a century, and still dislike the accent. I may need to take a look, for the LOLZ. Thanks!

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Dabl aired an early Martha Stewart show last night. Here is part of it. Started out a little rocky, but ended up ok.:slightly_smiling_face:


New additions to the roster:

You Gotta Eat Here! - Canada’s answer to Diners, Drive-In’s & Dives. The host is more personable than GF and all over the world.

Everyday Food - Typical older stand and stir show but likable.

Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals - He can certainly put out some great meals, but it would take me at least an hour or hour and a half to pull it off.

Oh yes, Joanne Weir showed up in my guide, but I scrolled by. I don’t much care for her.

This channel is coming along quite nicely🙂


I forgot to mention Escape to the Country. UK’s answer to House Hunters. But none of that oh where are the granite countertops and stainless appliances nonsense.
Done in a very stylish manner. Expensive but…nice to see the places over there.:slightly_smiling_face: