Da Sichuan (Palo Alto)- spicy ribs

Today I went to get some takeouts from Da Sichuan. I have not been there for years after dining in many years ago.

I got the Sichuan classic- Dan Dan Mian, Husband Wife Tripes/ Tendon, and Spicy Ribs. I picked the first two and asked for recommendations for the third and it was the ribs. The ribs were delicious.

Pieces of ribs cut 1" were cooked with plenty of chili, chili flakes, and roasted peanuts. Sichuan enthusiasts may point out that the ribs were neither particularly spicy nor numbing. I need to go back and ask about their technique. It seemed to be cooked in water first, then marinate/ seasoning added and fried. It is addictive and I can see why I was told this dish is popular. When they take the box out, the waitress (is she the owner?) grabbed a piece and handed it to me. I asked why. She said- try it. I said- I don’t need to try it there. She said- if I try it and don’t like it, return it. I obliged, not so much that I was worried about the taste, but merely curious why she wanted me to taste there. So I shoved the piece in my mouth, and of course there was absolutely no reason to return the dish. Its an amusing exchange, however.

I can’t find the dish on the online menu afterwards.

They claim, while the menu is big, they run out of ingredients often so their stuff is fresh.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr