Da Laposta [Newton, Newtonville]

Final outing celebrating our niece’s graduation we had a late (3 pm) lunch at De LaPosta. This took over the the former COOK space just paces from MIDA, which has been garnering more attention. We have been to MIDA Newtonville a couple of times and come away unimpressed both times. Overcooked pasta seems to be a specialty. De LaPosta so thoroughly outshines its neighbor, in every respect, so much so that I wonder why anyone would settle for MIDA.

We went app-heavy, sharing a bunch of small plates among the four of us. Both focaccias were excellent, fresh out of the wood-fired oven. A simple classic and Ligurian style “di Recco” with Stracchino. The suppli, Roman Arancini, may be my new favorite bar snack. Soft shell crab, I imagine a short-term presence on the menu, was served over a lovely spring salad with peas and pea shoots. Charred octopus was served over a pool of tomato conserva and salsa verde, too good to be left behind and the focaccia was perfect for wiping up the last bits. House-made ricotta was also excellent with the focaccia. Roasted broccoli rabe with garlic, pecorino, and chilies was flavorful but a minor complaint is that the broccoli was nearly overshadowed by the accompaniments.

For mains we ordered a squid ink pasta with clams, perfectly al dente with a bounty of tender Manila clams, with garlic, tomato, and chilies, and grilled scallops, beautifully seared but not overcooked, over a fabulous parsnip purée.

Among the deserts we sampled the olive oil torte , vanilla panna cotta, and the Italian cookies. Not a loser in the bunch, the panna cotta was topped with an almond and fennel crumble that added interesting texture and flavor. The cookies were a coconut bar and classic rainbow, both freshly made, presumably in house, and a dried fruit layer was a surprising twist.

Some interesting beverages- a Caprese Martini made with tomato water was reminiscent of Sycamore’s Ghost of Mary, but not as spicy. A white “Pecorino” (I know the cheese but this is the first time I’ve encountered a wine with this name) was pleasantly dry and crisp, a great partner with the scallops. A Sibona alla Camomilla grappa was smooth (no “rocket fuel” attributes) and slightly viscous, with a texture more like a fortified wine than a traditional grappa. I need to research that one.

The room was empty when we arrived at 3 pm, but began to get busier after 4. Service was efficient except for bar service. The manager seemed to be filling the role of host and barkeep, perhaps a function of the off-hour.

The restaurant is advertised as a pizzeria and although we didn’t sample the pizza, the focaccia suggests to me that the crust should be similarly excellent.

I’m reminded of a coffee chain that claims to be world’s best, with an independent close neighbor that only claims to be best on the block. De LaPosta outshines MIDA and certainly deserves the best on the block accolade, but that may be undeservedly faint praise. De LaPosta is worth a trip.


Mea culpa, I discovered too late to edit the post that the name of the restaurant is Da LaPosta, not De LaPosta.

Perhaps a moderator can apply edits at this point?

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We had a very enjoyable meal here the other night. We also had the squid ink pasta, a margherita pizza(neapolitan in style), fried calamari and olive oil torte. A Negroni and a glass of a Super Tuscan to accompany. Excellent service! A few nights later we went to Jinny’s to compare and we loved that as well :slight_smile:


Pecorino is a lovely wine and a favorite of mine particularly in summer. We used to find this variety at Gordon’s in Waltham but haven’t been over there in ages. Their online inventory says they have a couple of choices in stock (none that we’ve tried). Mentioning in case you ever want to sip a glass of Pecorino at home too.


Count me as an admirer of pecorino wine, as well. And although we don’t usually get Italian out, these reviews are motivating me.

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Intriguing. I loved reading the story of Cristiana Tiberio and her family. I’ll seek some of these out.

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Italian is close to a cliche in these parts, and not just the North End :wink:. That said, I think Da LaPosta really is worth a trip. LaPosta was apparently at Babbo Enoteca in the Seaport district, a place we absolutely adored (even though Mario Batali not so much).


Never made it to Babbo in the Seaport back in the day. A friend used to sing the praises of the pizza, so I was very happy to read your report about da LaPosta. I still have a chance.

Returned for lunch today and reprised a number of dishes (soft-shell crab, supply, squid-ink pasta with clams, octopus), all just as good as on first visit. Tried the gnoccho frito - little pillows of fried dough draped with mortadella and dusted with Grana Padano, espresso-rubbed pork ribs, and (finally) a pizza, the bagna cauda with sausage, escarole, mozzarella, garlic, and anchovy. The gnocchi frito join the suppli as awesome bar snacks, the pizza was every bit as good as we expected based on the excellent focaccia. Service was particulalry solicitous and efficient. Da LaPosta is firing on all cylinders.


Be still my heart!!

we ate there earlier this week based on @MaxEntropy 's recommendation. I’d give it a B+.

We split ricotta, ribs, focaccia, and a salad for appetizers. All were very good but not particularly exceptional. Ribs were advertised as GF on the menu but were not actually GF, so that was disappointing for my friend with celiac disease. My entree was the gnocchi primavera but I subbed the homemade tagliatelle. Again, very good but not particularly memorable. We split the panna cotta and the affogatto for dessert. It was a really nice night, and the restaurant wasn’t crowded at all, but I’m not sure that I’d necessarily return - we live about 20 minutes away and if we’re going to drive I vastly prefer Buttonwood. But I’m glad that we tried it so thank you Max!


@sallyt we tried the ribs on our second visit and concur they fall in the category of nothing remarkable. As we live in the neighborhood the activation barrier is lower for us, and the comparison with MIDA a few doors down the block important. Al dente pasta shouldn’t be “remarkable”, but given the local context it is :wink:


I totally get that! I’d be thrilled to have this as my local restaurant; as a destination, it’s less exciting. It’s definitely better than MIDA.

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Next time you are in the area, I encourage you to give Da LaPosta another chance. Try the suppli, gnoccho frito, octopus, and squid ink pasta with clams.

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