CVT Soft Serve Los Angeles and SFBay area. CVT stands for chocolate-vanilla-twist,

CVT Soft Serve

"Soft serve in a squeeze pouch is coming to the Bay Area from LA

CVT Soft Serve was born from two East Coast transplants who had a hankering for that cold, creamy swirl from back home."

Besides Mollie Stones, it is also available at Nugget Markets, “a supermarket chain based near Sacramento with locations in the North Bay” :roll_eyes:. Anyone tried it?


I’m sorry, but that just looks so unappealing.

Reminds me of something triathletes eat mid-race or something hospital staff give you when you are discharged from surgery.


Tasty but expensive. It reminded me of the apple sauce pouches my kids used to devour when they were very young.

I found them at Bristol Farms for $4.95. At that point I’d rather go buy a pint of Strauss chocolate or something else for the same price.


Wienerschnitzel serves Tastee Freez soft serve, at some locations in NorCal and SoCal. Tastee Freez use to have their own brand of fast food joints but looks like they moved to just machines and co-branding. Use to be few in SoCal when I grew up. This will show locations, Shows Alameda, San Pablo, El Cerrito and Hayward show up. If I wanted soft serve, I’d go here. Whole bunch in SoCal, not apparent from the co-brand.

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Thanks! I have a Wienerschnitzel very close by. We also have a Foster’s Freeze just as close, and I think they have soft serve too.

The fact that I’ve not tried either makes me realize I don’t want soft serve! I am not even a fan of ice cream unless it’s mostly something that’s not ice cream, like pretzels! I guess I just like the novelty, and that it appears to be at a local market.