CVS morphing into a supermarket...

We lost a medium sized supermarket in our area and it left a void. Local residents were forced to drive a greater distance for their kitchen essentials. CVS leases the space and in a few months realizes what the public needed: more groceries. The store I am referring to started with one aisle of essentials like milk, eggs, water, assorted candies, chips etc. Now it has morphed into almost 4 aisles of assorted supermarket goods. What’s next: a meat department?
How about in your area?

It’s not CVS being responsive to your market (sorry), its their new format. The one in my hood sits within sight distance of two groceries and a Dollar General, and ours has four aisles of groceries too.

Their prices on milk are actually really good.

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Every chain drug store I shop in has a grocery section. I don’t think this is in response to any kind of need. Rather, the chain drug stores are counting on you to be willing to pay more for a banana because you’re too lazy to go another store.


CVS drives me crazy . Every time I visit I cringe just knowing I am going to be standing in the check out line . People with coupons , lots of small items , the reward card . It just takes forever .


So far, I haven’t noticed any major increase in food aisles but the milk and egg prices are very competitive and on holiday candy has never let me down.

The competitive calculus seems to ask how many stops will all the errands take, when so many supermarket, Costco, and Target locations fill prescriptions, and sell toothpaste, vitamins, and makeup.

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Agree with the other responders: every drug store in the area sells groceries even though Giant, Wegman’s and Redners are within a 5-min drive, as are WalMart, Target, BJs and Costco; come to think of it, so are Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Assi.

Most of these traditional drugstores sell milk and eggs at state minimums, but other items such as coffee are prohibitively high. I’m with @BoneAppetite on this one: how many stops am I willing to make to complete my errands that day?

All the big drug stores have grocery departments

My friend often comments that when the apocalypse happens we need to run to Walgreens (better than freaking cvs) because they have everything you need

Besides alcohol she says…

Then I usher her into the Walgreens with a liquor department

She may move ahead of the apocalypse

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Drugs & liquor.
Milk bread & eggs.
Paper products.
Bring on the apocalypse.

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Funny you bring this up, just the other day I was stopped at a light and looked at a new CVS that opened up. The thing is HUGE…I was just looking at the exterior and thinking to myself, that’s more than just a pharmacy.

Sounds like a party store to me!!!

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I actually had to go there yesterday for one item . Yep , the lady in front of me had five returns . Each return had to be done separately . Credit card , receipt , etc…: OMG

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Yes, long check out line and high prices is why I stopped going to CVS.


True confession. We have no CVS Drug Stores here in Southern Oregon.
Walgreens and Rite Aid substitute, if that’s the proper term.
They all have the same product mix though. They might as well merge.

Freds may be coming to your town:

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I swear I had no prior knowledge of this, if any government types are monitoring.

long checkout lines

What irks me is that people will fill up their carts or baskets, then take them to the pharmacy line to pay for them with their meds, since CVS allows you to pay for everything at the pharmacy registers. The pharmacy isn’t set up to scan products as quickly as the main registers.

The CVS where I pick up my medications is located IN the Target store nearest me - one stop shopping! However, I pick up and pay for my men’s ONLY at the pharmacy and pay for the rest of my stuff at the regular check out registers. I glare at anyone in the pharmacy line with an armload of toilet paper and shampoo (except, of course, for little old ladies). I only use CVS because it is the “preferred pharmacy” for my health insurance. The nearest full CVS store is a dump.

Unable to edit; if only I could pay for men at the pharmacy!