Cuzins Seafood Restaurant

This place is like some of my ex Girlfriend’s, sometimes it’s great sometimes it feels like I need a shower after spending time together
Last night was great Frutta de mare salad was fresh and enough for 2
Clams Vongole & Shrimp with fettuccine was delicious
Glass of house Pinot Grigio and she had a Aperol Spritz made for a great night
BTW I was supposed to go across the street to Bad Hat but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat there
Something just doesn’t seem right about it
O well on to the next plate


And this is located where?

Route 79 in a strip mall on Freehold/ Marlboro border

Also one in New Brunswick, 78 Albany St

Yes but not the one I was speaking about, no reason for me to go there as the one on 79 is local for me.