Cutting Room, Murray Hill

I’m certainly not going there for the food, but I am wondering if there is anything that qualifies as “Pretty Good” at the Cutting Room. The most recent post on the other board that shall remain nameless is 10 years old and said “Just don’t.”

I haven’t been in probably 10 years, but “just don’t” would be my advice as well. In fact, “just don’t” even risk a mixed drink. The only explanation for the martini I was served there is that Hendricks makes anti-freeze in addition to gin, and I was not specific enough with my order.

I meant to follow up this comment earlier, but am so out of the habit now. We both ended up ordering the Gumbo. Not expecting anything on par with Lousiana, I did not think it was bad at all. The point was to get a seat and a table so I was not being too picky.