Cutlery Section Needed

I see cookware but that is so broad and usually means pots and pans.

I know many are excited to discuss knives and their latest Handy Dandy Kitchen Helpers… anything with a blade that peels, slices, cuts, and dices…all at the lowest prices.

I disagree. At Chowhound, all equipment, utensils, etc., were in the Cookware board, and that worked fine even though at the time those boards were very busy. There are at this point way too few posts on HO to warrant further Balkanization of boards.


Many people are here because of the way Chowhound does things…

Perhaps in due time there can be a cutlery section but makes sense to put sections earlier rather than later and let them fill up and not have the topic over several sections.

A lot of sections here don’t make sense like having a San Francisco/Northern California region then Southern California is lumped with all the southwestern part of the country and Hawaii.

When you see stuff lumped together that makes little sense, most of the time it just means its a little trafficked board so more topics/ geos are lumped together to reduce the number of boards/ clutter.

The cookware, which include some cutlery discussions, board right now is not very heavily trafficked. My recommendation for now is that let’s keep them together. The reason being that lightly trafficked board discourages discussion further because people have to go look for the board and people who otherwise might see the post in Cookware may miss it in a Cutlery board if they aren’t inclined to go there because of light traffic. In time we can revisit this topic if the cookware board grows to a point where we need to segment the discussions further. Thanks.

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