Cute and useful guide to udon noodle preps

With udon beginning to gain traction, at least on the West coast (and hopefully will soon leave ramen in the dust), this guide I just stumbled across will help you order udon like a pro.


Thanks for sharing the link. Useful info.

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That was cute. Most places you eat udon they have pictures or plastic models of the food, so you can just point.

We just got our first self-serve udon shop in Los Angeles. It’s pretty fun.

Marugame, righjt? They just opened a branch in SF. We also have an indepemdent, Kagawa-ya, a self-serve sanuki udon shop which opened last Spring.

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“Superhero Of Culinary Justice”. We need more of those…

This is clever and taught me something new! I much prefer udon over ramen. Actually my absolutely not even a little bit authentic guilty pleasure lunch is the udon station at the big deli near my office (the larger midtown delis often have various counters for mix n match ingredient dishes, this one also has a counter for bibimbap, tossed salads and various sandwiches). You can order a broth, then they basically just rewarm already cooked udon and add whatever ingredients you choose.