I can confirm that they were discontinued some time ago.


The only curry ketchup we’ve ever liked came from a German restaurant in Lake Tahoe – it was housemade. We’re more interested in using it as a dipping sauce for fries, rather than dousing wursts with it. We found the Hela brand to be far too sweet and runny. Online reviews of Zeisner sound like it’s much the same. We want to try making our own. Any suggestions for a brand of curry spice mix?

For prepared curry spice blends, I’d mail-order Penzey’s Sweet Curry. I’d maybe doctor it with some cayenne, depending on my preferred heat. McCormick’s Gourmet Selection spices are also generally good and available at good supermarkets. While I haven’t bought them, Swad brand in Indian grocers has generally been good for the individual spices, and if they sell a “curry” blend, I think it’s a good bet, so long as it’s a place that seems to have regular turnover/busyness. Freshness makes makes a big difference.

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