Curryish Tavern on [Queen West,Toronto]

Has anyone tried Curryish Tavern?

Not yet, but hoping to go in late November…

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Indian food with modern twist. Enjoyable.


We gave it a try after a friend’s recommendation.

Started with Pani Puri (pretty good) and followed up with

BBQ Octopus (middle-of-road – have had more enjoyable octopus recently)

Ghee Confit Duck Leg + Foie Gras Curry

Lamb + Pineapple Upside-Down Biryani

“Montreal Style Bagel”Paratha

And an order of hot sauce (extra $3.50)

Overall, reminded us of Vij in Vancouver – sort of a mixed compliment as I’ve never found Vij to be “Indian” – rather it’s a ‘European’ meal using Indian spices.

Service was ‘mixed’ – after an initial attempt to hustle cocktails we were ignored until the ‘regular waiter’ arrived to discuss the food. We ordered wine – seemed like this was a strange thing to do, as the server knew nothing about the winelist – and indeed the wine didn’t arrive until after the food started appearing.

However, eventually everything settled down and the food was mostly enjoyable (although my tolerance for heat exceeded the chef’s choice of spicing). But the supplementary hot sauce improved most dishes. Most successful dish for me was the Lamb biryani (once I added hot sauce). The sweetness from the pineapple lifted the dish.

Least successful was the Duck leg and foie Gras Curry – a bit oily and the foie gras curry seemed to dumb down the separate ingredients.

But I really enjoyed the Montreal Style Paratha (a Paratha topped with ‘bagel spices’ (we actually have a jar of these at home and enjoy them).

We haven’t rushed back – the meal (including wine) ended up over $300 (for two) – a bit high compared to other places we like. However, we would return (?eventually) – just not in our top priority category.