Curry Wrapper Delight

Located at
312 Arguello St
Redwood City, CA 94063

Another hidden gem in RWC where for a long time was a huge void in ethic foods. This a Fuji-Indian take out wrap and bowl eatery.

Only open during weekdays. Sadly to say I have only had two of their entrees (because i like them so much I have not try the rest of the menu.) On Thursday and Friday they have lamb and fish curries. Both are outstanding not too spicy in fact kind of mild. Come with rice and two side dishes as well as selection of sauces (mild and hot).

You need to go early as they run out of quickly so we normally go at 11:30 when they open. I will have to try the other items someday soon.

Parking is again street only and sometime hard.


I would never guessed there is a Fiji place in RWC. So thank you for sharing. My wife said that a Fiji guy told her that there is a Fijian community in East Palo Alto. So perhaps that explains the location.

Well last Thursday was the last day. The owner said they outgrown the space and that two Indian Ladies will take over soon. I will miss the curry. I hope the new owner do well too. I will miss the curry.

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Outgrow? As in doing too well? Does that mean they may resurface somewhere else? This is one of those places I never got an opportunity to try because they are M-F only.

Let’s hope so. My son has the owners information and will let me know if they resurface. But I think the more Indian place should be interesting I hope.