Current Hydrox vs. Oreos

A few months ago, there were some special interest news reports about a fluid dynamics graduate student’s thesis on whether it’s possible to split an Oreo so that there’s equal filling on each half (it’s not). Online comments quickly morphed into sandwich cookie preference disputes. Apparently, Hydrox cookies (which preceded Oreos) were discontinued, are back but not as good as the original (what ever IS?) but still better than Oreos, and are hard to find.

Curious, I found Hydrox online. They ARE better! Creamier filling that is not as sweet as Oreo filling, and by applying slight pressure while rotating the halves in opposite directions, the filling divides easily. The chocolate wafer part is not as sweet, either.

Cookiephiles, to your corners! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


When I was growing up, the few times I was able to sneak “processed food” behind my mother’s back, I ate Hydrox. This is because I quit eating meat when I was twelve and at the time Oreo filling contained lard.

Now Oreos are vegan.

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I have yet to find Hydrox in the main supermarkets here, dominated as they are by Nabisco, Keebler, and Pepperidge Farms offerings. As maccrogenoff noted, Oreos used to be made with animal fat (possibly beef tallow), meaning that they weren’t kosher. So when I was a kid, we had Hydrox by default. I’d love to try them again, but I don’t know if I want to buy them online.

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Oh I mean to try Hydrox so much, but I don’t think I have yet.
I think a lot of love for Hydrox is also many people feel Oreos messed over Hydrox.

Growing up in the fifties and sixties, I always felt Hydrox were far superior to Oreos. Even after they started tinkering with the recipe in the seventies, they were still better. The latest reincarnation seems only slightly better than Oreo. Currently, the Whole Foods 365 version seems closest to what Hydrox used to be like. YMMV.

I do like Trader Joes’ seasonal Candy Cane JoJos, but their regular chocolate sandwich cookies are meh, IMO.

Not really a fan of Oreos. I prefer European cookies.


It’s been years, since I had Hydrox! Why would you name your cookie like a chemical - always found that weird. I will play Switzerland in this battle, because I ate both cookies sparingly and in the same way. Cream/filling is scraped off and I only munch on the chocolate biscuits. :laughing: