[Cupertino] Wei's Fish 鱼你在一起

Wei’s opened a few months ago in the old Korean fried chicken space. They serve classic pickled fish soups from the Sichuan, Hubei provinces.

We got their top two fish soups. A flavorful, aromatic, highly satisfying meal.

Old pot sauerkraut fish soup (large) with snakehead fish, and 4 included ‘side dishes’ that actually went into the pot itself- yuba, sweet potato glass noodles, baby cabbage and tofu. The yuba and glass noodle was made for taking in all the flavors from the soup. the fish soup was seasoned. Tanginess from the pickled vegetables and the snakehead was delicate and went well with the broth. We all liked it.

Sauerkraut was more of a convenient translation for them but the vegetable wasn’t really sauerkraut.

Green sichuan pepper sauerkraut fish soup (small) with snakehead fish and 2 sides dishes- wood ear and lotus root. This one has a bit of ma la from the peppercorn, and shared the same broth from the other pot. The two side had more crunch to it but didn’t soak in the soup as well. They said its a bit spicier, but its not very spicy, which was totally fine.

Classic Crispy-coated chicken tender. Nicely fried. Tender.

Came with unlimited jasmine rice which also went very well with the tangy broth.


I don’t know if its a good thing or bad thing that they have, according to them, 1800 branches. But this is their first one in California, apparently.


Did you get a sense of whether the vegetable was Napa cabbage or is it some kind of mustard?

The dish in Chinese says its mustard green.

Pickled mustard green to be exact.


Yes, mustard green.

In fact, one of the sides ‘baby cabbage’ that you can add is napa cabbage.

It might be interesting to compare the sauerkraut fish rice noodles and sauerkraut beef rice noodles at Taste of Old Street which is in soft opening at 5336 Geary in San Francisco. One of the yelp reviews the dish as using “pickled greens.” Listed on the menu on the left side, middle.

from yelp,
pickled veggie and beef noodle soup at Taste of Old Street SF -

Without having tasted the noodle soup, I think that white fish goes much better with pickled greens than beef.

Same thing about one of Wei’s option- the tomato fish soup, which I thought was an odd pairing with white fish.

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That’s actually a pretty classic combo, esp. in baozi or just as a stand-alone stir-fry

Oh wait, I had beef noodle soups with pickle mustard in it and liked them. Totally forgot about that.