Cultural Fusion examples around me my whole life

Given the name, my guess is it wants to be Irn Bru flavoured.


Twoheys–South Pasadena


I live in an area where most dairy farms incorporate Latinos for milking. There’s also a large Amish community here. I’ve noticed the Amish here adore Mexican food. It’s to the point, I’m translating recipes for them. The Mexicans, in turn, wisely shop the Amish auction for their veggies and spices.

I think we’ll soon have Amish/Mexican cuisine. Amish are now growing Latino staples (tomatillos, etc.) But, just their tomatoes, garlic, etc., the Amish grown produce is so good and so cheap, you’d be nuts to pass it up.

We’ve got a huge Hmong community just west of us, and they’re moving east, so, if we had MexiHmongAmish food, we’d be hitting on all cylinders.


Hi Greg,

I’d love to see some of the results–the Hmong usually have at least basic knowledge of Thai (which should fit in)–I had some good Hmong friends when I was staying in Chiang Mai.


I noticed the place most Hmong shop around here is a Thai store. I love their egg rolls. Mung bean noodles improve the texture.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr