Cultivar employees not paid [Boston, MA]


This is on so hopefully not behind a paywall. Very sad.

(Denise) #2

How terrible for everyone. Not only the sudden job loss, but having earned wages go unpaid. Yikes.


Including their tips!! Back in the olden days when I was a waitress, my tips came home in my pocket every day.

(Denise) #4

No tips? Even worse.


It says: Cultivar was a pooled tips establishment, with all wages and tips distributed through employees’ paychecks.

So they have had no income at all for weeks. I feel so sad for them, it is not a good time of year for restaurants (hence Restaurant Week), not much hiring going on. I mean, I am sad for the owners too, their dream has gone down in flames, but I am sure the staff is looking at very scary times.

(Jimmy ) #6

Another, in a long line of examples showing the restaurant industry is a brutal environment–no matter where located.

Thought 2: Seems the State of Massachusetts holds some fault in the closure of Cultivar since the state’s regulatory agency did nothing for two years to correct an obvious error in its own forms and filings. When it finally became an issue, the State of Massachusetts did nothing to extend some timing grace to the restaurant owners.


Very sad - sounds like we don’t have the full story yet either . . . something about the story makes me feel like a few details are missing . . . but very sad.

(Frederic Yarm) #8

The servers were pooled separately from the bartenders. I interviewed for the bar director position there at the end of November and I feel like I dodged a bullet here by finding it a poor fit.

(Andrea) #9

Christmas and New Year’s should have been good for cash flow, so someone had to choose to use that cash for something other than paying employees.