Cucina 25 Riverhead

Cucina 25 Riverhead
We stopped at Cucina 25 Saturday night and had an amazing meal.
Two young entrepreneurs re-invented the old Parto/UncleJoe spot on W Main St and turned it around.
The inviting Italian themed space is still mostly the same. Marilyn Monroe is still looking over the dining room.
My lovely dinner companion had an excellent slice of pizza after we shared a superb Caesar Salad which had the best home made croutons I have ever had.
I had Chicken Parm over linguini. A generous portion cooked perfectly along with al dente linguini. One of the owners made the rounds of the tables to be sure all was in order, a nice touch.
Attentive service too and they deliver, a big plus!!
Now, if they would only get a web site up!!!