CShore Kitchen + Bar (Wellfleet, MA) Serves Up Freshness, Lovely Plates, and Terrific Service

While vacationing in Wellfleet, we were looking for something new. Decided to try CShore Kitchen + Bar on the site of the former Finely JP’s on Rt. 6 heading south towards South Wellfleet. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and you’re not scrunched all together. Plus they have outdoor warming thingys for those chilly Cape nights and indoor AC. They offer well thought out shared rectangular platters which turned out to be delish. First one was 5 (count 'em) baconey deviled eggs. Then there was the grilled veggie shared platter with plenty of broccoli rabe, onions, red and orange carrots, parsnip, fennel, and asparagus – all lightly dressed with a balsamic reduction. Two of my companions ordered the hush puppies with a maple/butter condiment. They were plentiful and tasty. I also had a creamy cup of lobster bisque redolent of sherry and with deep flavor and enough pieces of lobster to also be pleased. Then there was the service! Smiling, attentive, happy, knowledgeable servers made sure we were well attended too. Someone in my party said, “What are they SMOKING in the kitchen to be so happy???” I don’t know, but they couldn’t have been better. We will definitely be back to explore more of their well-balanced menu with plenty of veggie choices and enough for the omnivores as well. This was not a ‘cheap eats’ kind of place but we felt prices were reasonable and certainly less than a few other ‘family style’ restaurants we’d compared it to in the area.


Great to know about, thanks for the review!