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We’ve done the Sycamore subscription plan for the three months they’ve offered it, November, January and February. Obviously February hasn’t started yet, but we’ve been very pleased with the other two months. You get an app, entree, side, salad, bread and dessert. It’s $75 per week for 2, and you have to sign up for the whole month. November and February were $225 because they only did three weeks, and January was $300 for the full four weeks. You can add beer, wine, or cocktails for an additional cost. Considering that when we went there and sat at the bar, we’d rack up bills of $250 (including tip) easily, the $75 is a bargain, even when adding drinks, and it helps them stay open, which we really want, as they are far and away our favorite restaurant in Newton Centre. The last meal for January was beet and walnut muharamma with pita toasts, half a roasted chicken, stewed green lentils, carrot salad, flatbread, and rice pudding. You can also get the subscription for 4 people at twice the price.


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