Crystallization in fudge?

Hello folks!

No matter what I try I always see little sugar crystals in my fudge. When I eat it it’s creamy and tasty but every two or three chews I feel a sugar crystal on my teeth as I bite down.

I read countless articles and watched countless videos on this topic and I do everything as they say and no luck for me>>Always crystals :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Maybe someone here can detect something I’m doing wrong in my process:

I start by heating up some water and corn syrup in a pot. I then add in some dark chocolate chips and then add some cocoa powder and keep on mixing. When everything is well dissolved I proceed to add the sugar and continue stirring so the sugar dissolves. When all is dissolved I put a lid on it and let it come to a boil and leave it boil for 3 min. This should wash up the sides of the pot.

I then take off the lid and add the butter and the evaporated milk and stir for the last time. I slowly introduce my digital thermometer and I let the mixture heat up to about 115C without any stirring.

When the mixture reached 115C I set the pot aside and let it cool down. I’ve tried to let it cool down to 75C, 70C, 65C, 60C, 55C and even 45C and no matter the cool down target temperature I choose, the result of my fudge always ends up having very tiny sugar crystals in itMan shrugging: light skin tone :man_shrugging_tone1:

Once the mixture cooled down, I transfer the fudge from the pot onto a glass bowl and then beat the fudge with an egg beater. Basically the beating time depends on the cool down temperature I’ve chosen. So the lower the cool down temperature, the less time I could beat it. Here’s a legend:

Cool down 75C > Beat ~ 10min
Cool down 45C > Beat ~ 1min

I then pour in pan and let it set. No matter what cool down times or beat times I choose, Mr crystal always ends up in my fudge Fearful face :fearful:

Does anyone have any recommendations or information as to why I can’t get rid of sugar crystals in my fudge ??

Thanking you all in advance


Fudge is crystalline sugar.

But from your method I’d suggest dissolving the sugar in the water with the corn syrup before adding chocolate, maybe the fat is interfering with complete dissolution.

Do the crystals grow/multiply over time?

I posted these in another fudge thread, but here are a few pages on fudge method and troubleshooting from ‘Chocolates & Confections’ by Peter Greweling.