Cruller Donut Recommendations - NJ

Anyone know of any bakery that makes really good cruller donuts? I’d love to try to get some to surprise my mom. We used to eat them when we were kids and visiting my grandmother in Cape Cod. Anywhere between Monmouth and Hunterdon Counties is ideal.

Donuts Plus in Lavallette and Mullers in Bay Head too far south?
You could try Dixie Lee bakery in Keansburg, they still do things old school but I can’t swear by their crullers.

And crullers means the long, braided yeast dough donut, and not a french cruller?

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I’ll look up that place in Keansburg, thanks!

Yes - I remember them as long braided, glazed donuts. I have to look up what a french cruller is!

To me, a french cruller is an unfilled cream puff shell, glazed :slight_smile:

By any chance, is this the type of cruller doughnut you are searching for? We got this one on the Cape (Chatham) earlier this summer. If so maybe this can serve as a visual reference for your search in NJ.


Fingers crossed for a successful search. Because doughnuts. :grinning:


EXACTLY. And yes, we used to get them in Orleans! YUM!!!


@gracieggg This is a French cruller:

French-Honey-Crullers-Butter-Glazed.jpg (3072×3711) (

Dunkin’ Donuts has them. (I’ve gotten them at the Dunkin’ on Route 9N, in Manalapan.) They’re actually pretty good.


Those look yummy! Not exactly what I had in mind but looks like they would work in a desperate situation :wink:

@gracieggg I was going to suggest trying to find a place on the Cape! Even if you picked them up en route, they’d be fresher than what you’d bring from NJ.

Ha! I’m not planning a trip to the cape this summer. We debated it for a while but just couldn’t get it together with all the chaos around here. I wonder what the cost of getting a dozen overnighted to me would be…


Plainfield Donut Shop. Watchung Ave & E. 2nd St.

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