[Croydon, London] Unexpectedly good salmon burger

It’s not something I’d urge people to travel for; but if you’re in Croydon and looking for a quick bite, you could do worse than the salmon burger from Everyday’s at 136 North End (near West Croydon Station). This place initially looks like it’s mainly a fast-food chicken place, but the salmon and seabass “burgers” consist of fresh fillets, brushed with sauce (you choose the heat level), cooked on the grill, and served in a soft, floury white roll. I’ve had both, and find the salmon more interesting, but the seabass is good too. Takeaway or eat-in.

Whoa I wished I had known about these when I was in Croydon every Wednesday night - sounds delicious!

Fear not — you weren’t missing out, as it’s only been there about 6 months.

Another interesting Croydon snippet is that a wood-fired pizza restaurant called Pizzeria Pellone has just opened at 256 High Street. I haven’t eaten there yet, just walked past it yesterday and picked up a menu. The menu itself is reassuringly short and the place looks very promising.

Whoa - a return trip is in order - thanks!

Very good looking pizza menu, Kake. Nothing that wouldnt look out of place in Italy - I judge that the likely success of a pizza place is in direct relationship to what percentage of the menu has “weird” (non-Italian) toppings. No pineapple, no curry, etc.