Croton MRKT (Croton, NY)

Anyone planning to check this out? I’m going to try to stop by. Apparently it’s founded by three local residents in the wake of the decision to “merge” the Croton farmer’s market with the one in Ossining.


Wow, this looks fun! So many fun events this weekend. Is it going to be weekly or just occasional? Lots of activities for kids. I will have to toss a coin between this and the Ossining Village Fair (if the weather behaves!).

I can’t believe they’d go to all this effort for just one time, but as far as I can tell they haven’t announced any other dates. Yes, fingers crossed about the weather!

We went to this today. It is definitely not (nor do I think it’s intended to be) a replacement for a farmers’market but it was a nice way to spend a couple hours on a beautiful day. We made it to Peaceful Provisions for their PBJ donuts (they’d run out of Smores and Lemon Poppy) which are fantastic. They do these slightly more complicated and filled ones mostly for special events they said. The ones at First Village tend to be simpler. Wealso got pizza from a place called Emily’s something which was a bit disorganized in terms of service but the pizzas were worth the chaos, especially the nettle pesto with tallegio and paprika. Great combination. Blue Pig had very limited flavors and Baked by Susan also had limited stuff so we walked down the street to Susan’s for the full selection and I’d suggest doing the same for Blue Pig too if this event is recurring. There were some nice craft vendors and a limited number of regular farmers’ market vendors (veggies, eggs). I’m sure if they do this again it will be even better organized and it drew quite a crowd so I imagine they will try for a repeat event.

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Thanks for the report. I swung by briefly just as it was ending so didn’t really get a sense of it, other than that people seemed pretty content.

I did walk through the Ossining Village Fair, though, and tasted a pretty darn good classic grilled cheese sandwich from Meat On Your Bones and a lager from Broken Bow

And I started the day at the Pleasantville Farmers Market (strawberries! asparagus! rhubarb!)

Such a fun season to be out and about (and eating)!

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You’re welcome! And thanks for the report on the fair. That grilled cheese truck looks awesome and I will definitely have to make a trip to try it!

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Ps we were at the Pville market yesterday morning too. I got the most gorgeous flowers from the flower vendor. And a huge container of strawberries!


Gorgeous flowers!

Wow - beautiful.