Cross Posting Guidelines?

There is currently another forum that is also covering the Los Angeles area. I hope, in the future, this forum and that one will unite. Until that happens, I will participate in both.

However, I would like guidelines on cross posting. Is it acceptable to post the same content here that I have posted there, or are you preferring only unique content? Thanks!

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be acceptable, but I totally agree with you: someone, anyone please consider combining the two sites.

It’s kinda silly to have both.

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And there currently seem to be at least three, maybe four, WFD sites in addition to the one on CH. Happy to see photos of folks’ dinners once, even twice, but three or more has already begun to get tiresome.

It’s possible that each owner has different goals or guidelines and plans for site design and future development that differ.

Besides HO, FTC & our little FB group, where do you see other WFD threads/discussions, Joan?

I guess at some point posters will choose one over the other.

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Candy’s Home Cooking group on FB seems to be essentially WFD. At least for the time being.

Ha. Had no idear that group even existed.

What’s the Facebook group, and where do the Asia Board hounds now live?

Many hounds have posted redundantly on CH and Yelp and/or their own blogs, sometimes verbatim, sometimes in abbreviate forms, sometimes with difference voices to make their writing more accessible to the intended audience. I see no reason not to allow the practice.

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This is Candy’s HC group:

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I think that one of the more active posters there had created a Facebook page. I cannot remember why I think that. I think it was mentioned in one of the earlier now locked welcome to the new chowhound posts. I did a google search at the time and found it.

To me, you are the author of the material. Given we are a forum, not a newspaper or a magazine, I don’t see any obvious reasons why you can’t post your material in multiple places.

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