Creative Ingenuity: the World of Los Angeles Chefs Finding Ways to Survive, Create & Flourish in the Time of Covid

We are constantly fascinated and intrigued by what chefs and food entrepreneurs are creating out of the constantly pivoting circumstances they’ve been dealt and always excited to support what’s next.

One such lady is Yoko of Losnooyado - hand making terrific Soba Noodles & delightful Wagashi in her small N. Hollywood home. After seeing the pretty photos we had to seek her out!

Soba Noodle Kit

The noodles made with 80% buckwheat flour, are simple to prepare (90 sec boil, rinse, ice bath, strain) and have a delicious nuttiness, a wet, silky mouthfeel and perfect chew. I think I could’ve rinsed off the starch a tad more but that’s a quibble. They’re sooo good. :blush:

Tsuyu (dipping sauce) w/Lemon & Lime

Slices of Sudachi (citrus fruit) are recommended in the Tsuyu - since I haven’t had Sudachi and don’t know if they taste more like lime or lemon I used both. It was wonderful! The sauce is salty, sweet, tangy w/a touch of smokiness from the Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) - a melange of umaminess! :heart:

Because hubs cannot live on soba noodles alone and Yoko-san lives close to Epicurus we picked up steak…

Wagyu Ribeye (said “Australian w/Japanese genetics”), dry rub of Togarashi, Smoked Maldon Salt, Onion & Garlic Powders, pan sauce of Tsuyu & Truffle Honey

Fukucho “Moon on the Water” Junmai Ginjo

Another lovely sake and from Miho Imada, one of my favorites. My friend calls it “lady sake” - aromatic, vibrant, but soft, clean w/hints of citrus, drinks like a chablis.

Nerikiri Wagashi & Sencha Green Tea

At first Yoko-san included these delicately crafted confections as a complimentary treat with a purchase of the noodles. But there was such a demand she was convinced to start selling them. The texture of the shells are like a lighter, less glutinous mochi, reminiscent of marzipan w/a lightly sweet bean paste filling, perfect with green tea.

Everything is made thoughtfully with love. :two_hearts:


Nice write up @TheCookie and beautiful pictures.


Thanks buddy!

Looks delicious @TheCookie!

I agree! So far I’ve had great to good success with these kinds of trials - fresh fish delivery right off the boat, Lao food by a similar home operation, and dumplings.

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I had never even heard of it - obviously it’s very well known in Japan.

Whoever wrote about it on Wikipedia thinks its flavour is “more zesty” (whatever that means) than either lemon or lime. Genetically the sudachi is from a complicated mishmash of crossings, but the yuzu is one of its immediate parents. Thanks for introducing me (a little) to something I had no idea about.

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That made me lol.

Nice, I hadn’t thought about yuzu - probably more like it, but the lemon-lime combo was really good.

Thanks @Saregama.

Yah, some peeps are disappointed by the food not being exactly as it is dining-in, but I have to admit to enjoying the novelty of the at-home kits - in some ways it’s more fun than sitting down for the usual dine-in experience.

We’re picking up this Zero Waste Vegan Dan Dan Noodle Kit this weekend as a surprise gift for our vegetarian son and DIL.


How have you come across the ones you’ve tried?

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I have a couple of friends on my local food board who are serious chowhounds and keep their thumbs on all things new, foodwise, and most of these chefs post their offerings on IG.


IG has been my favorite gateway too.


IG for me too.

It’s not easy to search, though.

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Couple of things that help me search through IG:
Start with a google search after reading something that interests you and see if that interest already has an IG acct. or other social media.
If not, search using a series of potential and established hashtag terms in IGs search engine by category and then join that hashtag and add the notification option to your IG acct.

It better activates what arrives in IG ads, news feed, IG acct recommendations and video rolls each day. Hashtags rule the IG roost. :grin:


Thanks @Rooster! I’m a bit of an IG newb and wasn’t completely sure what the hashtag deal is. I’ll start exploring and playing around with them more.



The real hashtag :smile: