Create TV “cooking shows”

Lidia and then Patti started out as real cooking shows. Then Lidia started pushing olive oil segments, her restaurants etc. And Patti of course has turned out to be nothing more than a spokesperson for Mexican tourism. Switching the channel on both of them. I realize everyone has to earn a living but it doesn’t mean I have to watch them anymore.

I watch Lidia often and have never noticed anything but an occasional mention of one of her restaurants. Patti, yes, heavy on the destinations. What’s your take on Rick Bayless then?

I only catch RB from time to time. He does seem to know his way around the world of peppers. But what sticks out in my mind most about his show is the blender. Upfront and center stage.

Bayless promotes destinations in Mexico all the time and also plugs his own restaurants on a regular basis. I just wondered if that bothers you too.

When I see a show that I once enjoyed graduate to something not so enjoyable I simply stop tuning in. I have no basis for that with RB. I honestly couldn’t care less what he does with his show.

Way too many Italian shows. The guy in the velvet suit with ascot drives me nuts. His name escapes me. There is another old gritchy lady that always seems to be scowling and lecturing. Can’t handle her either.

Nick Stellino: Storyteller. I watch his show every once in awhile but my husband doesn’t care for him any more than you do. Can’t think of who the gritchy lady might be though.

Mary Ann Esposito.

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C’mon its Mary Ann . It was only one of the few cook shows in the early days . Was never inspired by her cooking . But gave her full cred . My new favorite is Grandma cooks Italian on YouTube. Gina deserves a oscar .