Cream cheese shortage...and a reward

I had no idea.

They appear serious. Shortage in your area?

To collect.

Supplies range from low to nonexistent in local (Marin county, CA) stores. Wonder what the reason is? Why just cream cheese?

Menwhile,Meanwhile, Kite Hill, Miyoko, and Tofutti are all over here with their non dairy cream cheeses…saying we got you, boo!


The article offers several reasons. I didn’t notice a lack of cream cheese at Lidl or Stop & Shop this week but light cream has been in very short to non existent supply for months in my area. Plenty of half and half, buttermilk and heavy cream, tons of non dairy creamer but light cream, is pretty hard to find.


Just purchased cream cheese. There was plenty in the case. Organic 1/2 and 1/2 is scarce.

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Okay, stores were cleaned out and a note from the “manufacturer” explaining the storage along with a small display of “like cream cheese” product was on the shelf.

Dunno if you have Fairway in your neck of the woods, but they’ve got plenty of Ben’s cream cheese, which is the best cream cheese.


Plenty of cream cheese where I am in Asia. Much of it is imported from Australia, including Philadelphia, in 2 and 5 kg bricks. I could probably make a fortune exporting it to the US.


Interesting. I never thought of cheesecake as a Christmas dessert - maybe that’s juts the bakers in my family? Is Christmas cheesecake a thing for others here?

I made a peppermint cheesecake one year, but it is not something I would do ever year.

Not cheesecake, but dozens of recipes both sweet and savoury that revolve around cream cheese.,


One brick of real cream cheese today at my fancy grocery store in Nor Cal and I opted for cream cheese “spread”.

I opted for creme fraiche but no cream cheese based baking until it returns. The light cream shortage is tied to the cream cheese limits.

My store in NJ has bricks and whipped cream cheese, but no soft cream cheese.

Which NJ grocer? I tried Aldi, Lidl, Stop and Shop and Shoprite on Friday.

Aberdeen Shoprite, but that was six days ago.

Thxs for letting me know.