Looking for a place for dinner in cranbury. Had a quick meeting (at the residence Marriott) and then need to go out to eat before heading home. Any suggestions?

I like Teddy’s diner in Cranbury for lunch, it’s not fancy but everything is homemade and really good. I would highly recommend it.

But I have no ideas about the evening.

I think the Cranbury Inn has been around forever, but last time I went, which was 10 years ago, it was pretty tired. Ye olde colonial Jersey interior and pre revolutionary, or at least pre Vietnam, menus.

Princeton maybe?

I have to say that Teddy’s became our favorite diner/restaurant in the area. As was stated, everything is made in house. I recently had one of their specials, Roast Leg of Lamb. Absolutely delicious, served with mashed potatoes with gravy, also tasty. My wife doesn’t like cole slaw, but loves theirs. Great food, nice people, worth checking out.