Craigie on Main - Temp Closure [Cambridge MA]

Just happened to see that Craigie on Main is temporarily closed. Any idea what’s going on? Would be tough to lose another institution.


From an early July announcement to their mailing list:

"To say we’ve covered some ground at Craigie on Main (and Craigie Next Door) this past year is an insane understatement. We’ve cooked our hearts out, weathered every possible storm and complication caused by the pandemic and the subsequent fallout, and yet we’re still swinging! I couldn’t be more proud of how nimble and adaptable we’ve been as a team and as a community.

"It is with tremendous gratitude (and exhaustion!) I share that we’re going to take a much-needed break. It’s been a gigantic roller coaster, and we’ve plowed through, as we’ve always managed to do, and we need some time to catch our breath, recharge, and reflect.

"August is historically a quiet month at the restaurant so we’re going to push “pause” and take a vacation. Time away will give us the opportunity to think about what’s next here at Craigie (and elsewhere), knowing that the restaurant game has changed and our goals need redefining before we decide what chapter to write next. I’m also excited that all of us at the restaurant will be able to take some time away to be with our families and friends after an often rewarding, but also grueling, past eighteen months.

"Cooking for you all is what has kept me going on the best days and through the toughest of times. You’ve been encouraging and supportive over the years - many of you were there back on Craigie Street! - and we have continued to flourish, evolve, and grow because of you. I sincerely appreciate you.

“I’ll have more to share in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned! I can’t wait to come back and tell you about what Craigie will be moving towards next.”

Of course, it’s October now and it does seem like a long closure and a long silence,


Perhaps others saw from Boston Restaurant Talk or other places, but Craigie is up for sale. :cold_sweat:

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A lot of folks will be saddened by this news.

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Although the news isn’t good, and the silence from Tony Maws speaks volumes, it could faintly be possible that he is looking for a new physical location.


More details via Eater Boston:


I’ll be very sad if I never get to eat Tony Maws’s cooking again but I sure can understand not wanting to die at the stove! Such a tough business.

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