Craft in Pleasantville NY

I"m liking this place…but I’m local, so I really want to like it. I find the pizzas to be tasty but not quite crispy enough–ask for them to be well done, and then I’m happy, especially with a good beer on a nice summer evening. Hard to beat, actually. Have any of you been?

I have not heard of it, but I live up in Goldens Bridge. But, I have heard that Joe Bueti of Village Social (and formerly Strega in Pleasantville) has taken over the Iron Horse in the train station. I’m not sure what changes he will be making, but the menu looks good and Mogan Anthony is the Executive chef.

Spa, where is this place? Have you tried Wood and Fire on Marble? Haven’t tried either…

While on the subject of Pleasantville, we’ve been frequenting Gyro World on Marble Avenue. It’s not mindblowing or anything but the people are really nice and accommodating and the food is decent.

Yes, I’ve heard the same thing about Iron Horse and Village Social. Apparently yet another renovation is about to take place, if it hasn’t started already. Looking forward to this.

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It’s up on Bedford Road at the corner of Broadway, where A Mangiare used to be (before it moved and became Wood and Fire).

As for Wood and Fire, a lot of people like it but I’m not among the fans. I find the food to be mediocre, the service to be just OK, and inside it’s just too loud and crowded, TVs on. It’s got a nice terrace, though.

Agreed about Gyro World. And we think that Ramenesque, just down the street, is really good. I’m not a ramen aficionado, but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve had there. Plus it’s a lovely space (once you get indoors).

Ramenesque, like the place in Peekskill?

Yes! Where Abis used to be.

Interesting. I like the concept of Ramenesque and my husband liked the food we had in Peekskill when we went. I found the food really underseasoned, though. But maybe I’ll give them another try.

Just curious if you ever got to check out Ramenesque. We went the other day and I got the kimchi-flavored ramen. I don’t think anyone would have called it unseasoned! :slight_smile:

We went to the one in Peekskill ages ago and that’s the one I was unimpressed with. I don’t love ramen to begin with so I"m not the best judge but the depth of flavor (and salt) was lacking. Like I said, I would try it again, though it’s not something I really crave.

Makes sense!