Craft idea for celebrating cherished family handwritten recipes

Each time I see the yellowed recipe cards from loved ones long gone I smile. Just their distinctive handwriting brings back memories.

I came across a great post about making dish towels with the image of old recipe cards.
I’ve used Spoonflower for printing my designs on fabric before. Their site is pretty easy to use - even for a seriously non-tech person like me.

The post about sharing recipes reminded me of this project and I thought it would be good to share!


that’s a really cool idea - thanks

My eldest nephew is getting married. He loves to cook. I think I will make some of these with family recipes as part of my gift to them.


I have scanned copies of my great-grandmother’s and great-great grandmother-in-laws hand written cookbooks (from which we still make some recipes) that I think would make great gifts. Wish I could do them for this holiday but that is impossible at this point - still going to do them though.


Just saw a slightly different spin on the idea:

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I give this a thumbs up, even if I don’t have any handwritten recipes to have made into towels. Cool.


Terrific idea! I could see this for napkins, tablecloths, kitchen curtains, and aprons.

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