Craft beer places that let one bring in food?

Ideally, I’d like a craft beer place with great food, but that may be too much to ask, so I’m interested in bars with a good draught selection that allow one to bring in outside food (and that have good outside food nearby). I’ll mention two to start. Fulton Ale House, near the Kingston-Throop A/C subway station, is sort of my local, even though it’s a mile away. Nearby food selection is not great, though; the best so far is El Jeffe’s jerk pork tacos. I just discovered d.b.a, on 1st Av in the East Village near the 2nd Av F subway station, but I don’t know a lot about good takeout in the EV. I carried up a falafel from Taïm, but that’s a bit of a distance, and I’ve had the banh mi from V-Nam Cafe across the street.

Well, I can say that you’re 5 or 6 years late for the d.b.a. that was in Bklyn. but closed. And probably just about that late for the food pop-up that the 1st Ave location used to do with Simon Glenn (Tchoup Shop). I’m not sure what you’re looking for in take out to go with the beer(s), but Foxface has great sandwiches & a group of us used to go down to Katz’ and bring back deli to dba. There are lots of falafel & pizza places nearby, but I don’t know of any I’d recommend offhand.
If you want to travel down Atlantic Ave in Bklyn to my neck of the woods, I believe that Floyd’s allows food to come in and Table 87 is right there to provide the food to go. And you can play bocce.

I have Foxface bookmarked; thanks for reminding me. I’ll check out Floyd, NY. I’m near there often, to hit Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable, Sahadi’s, and TJ.