Cowboy Coffee or Cafe Zinho

OK, as an offshoot to the “How Do You Make Your Coffee” thread, I thought I’d ask if anyone here regularly makes these.

What prompted my ask was pondering the grinds/brew times discussed in that earlier thread for drip and press methods. It occurred to me that a drip machine could be used @ss-backward, with the coffee already in the pot. The brew could then be filtered, settled or not.

It also came to me that the brew water comes out of the machine at an ideal temperature, AND the little hotplate base (usually serving only to ruin coffee) might actually give the benefit of a more constant steep temperature than in a press You’d have to remove the carafe, filter, and then serve/store the brewed coffee of course.

Has anyone tried this?

So, did you try it this morning? :slight_smile:

I did. My initial reaction is that it was an improvement. I’ll have to play with it more, and make coffee both ways.

I measured temperatures of the “brew” water. My Black & Decker cheapie begins its cycle emitting decidedly cool–125F-- water, which very gradually climbs to 190F and spikes for an instant at 195F. The water in the pot stayed a constant 175F.

I shut the machine down immediately after the reservoir went dry (about 7 minutes for 10 “cups”) to prevent the hotplate from cooking the brewed coffee. It was then filtered into my big insulated carafe.

The resulting @ss-backward coffee was not bitter at all, and of a lighter color and smoother, less intense flavor. I thought individual flavor notes came out more. My wife’s reaction was that it tasted like excellent diner coffee.

I’m concluding that my B&D isn’t brewing hot enough, and that someone decided finished coffee cooked further at 175F in the pot on the hotplate is a good thing.