Covid cookbook challenge round 2

From his YouTube interview persona, also a very simple pragmatic man. No overthink or pompous frou frou. Fresh ingredients, minimum intervention, ingenious combinations.

@Ohhello In the meantime, come hang out on the What’s For Dinner thread and share your meals along the way!


Great collection of impressions and recipes along with part one, thanks for sharing!

Very impressive. Especially compiling orderly into a list. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve several of your books, will gladly check out the dishes. I agree with @Saregama, you should check out our What’s for Dinner monthly thread, it will be fun to see you around. Our WFD’s archive is here.


On pho, I’ve made chicken pho a few times, usually when I’ve some chicken carcasses lying around from other meals, will try to make the “geletin” stock, that I can decide later whether to use that as pho, ramen or other noodle soup. Personally, I like beef pho more. Yes! Like you, when we eat pho, it will last at least a few meals with the big pot of stock. It’s also great to serve a lot of people with a big dinner.

I’ve Charles Phan’s Slanted Door. For Vietnamese cooking I usually use the books of Andrea Nguyen, which are excellent.


Will do! Thanks for the tip!


I’ve meant to purchase one of her books, but tend to try recipes from her site. I’ve made her recipe for lemongrass pork for years now! She’s amazing.


Thanks! When you are trapped at home with little kids, something like this is a welcome distraction.


Yes I know …

We had a fairly long lockdown too in Spain (13 / 03 / 2020 - 31 / 05 2020 ) however, there are regions in Spain that continued curfews and no travel outside the autonomous region of residency due to high Covid rates.

Barcelona was a disaster. Madrid Capital opened up much
faster. Economic reasons obviously.