County Road provisions bbq, lockhart tx comes to st augustine

did a crawl of st augustine bbq last year with my two brothers but never got around to posting.

Our crawl included Smoking D’s, County Road Provisions, Briskys and Woodpeckers. We ordered a 1/2 pound fatty brisket everywhere and chose at least one other meat at each place. County Road Provisions completely blew us away. The owner is from lockhart, they cook over wood using no gas (according to menu) and it was as good as any place I’ve eaten in texas and better than most. The brisket is cut thick, the bark full of flavor and the meat smokey and flavorful. We also tried their turkey which was probably the best smoked turkey I’ve ever had.

Briskys brisket came in second but it wasn’t really close, nice, flavorful bark, the ribs were cooked perfectly but marred by a sweet-ish rub, I do recommend their jalapaeno cheddar sausage.

Smoking D’s and Woodpeckers have their fans locally, we had fatty brisket and turkey at smoking Ds, fatty brisket, chopped pork and ribs at woodpeckers, the chopped pork at woodpeckers was pretty good but that’s about the best I can say for what we ate at those places. actually, all the sides (collard greens, beans, string beans mac and cheese) at woodpeckers were very good.

County Road Provisions is a truck, no seating, only open on wednesdays. The day we visited they had a steady stream of customers, we got there early to secure our brisket portion.

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I was thinking the same thing! I’ll do it tonight!

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