Country Mile (watertown)

Well it isn’t opened yet, but saw this piece on Eater and thought I would share. The couple opening this place were the ones who started Brewer’s Tap and Table in Waltham and we really enjoyed the original menu there, so we are very curious to see how this place turns out. Estimated opening sounds like September at this point (but I’ve never seen a restaurant open on time so fingers crossed).


Oh that sounds really promising! I had wondered what they were up to. It seemed so sad that they moved down from Vermont and then it didn’t work out in Waltham. I also really liked the opening menu at Brewer’s. Thanks for the post!

Yes, that is interesting. Thanks. They’re at 136 Belmont Street in Watertown, a location almost directly across the street from Shangri La. I think of that area as Belmont, but I guess it must be Belmont to the north of Belmont street and Watertown to the South.

I haven’t been to Country Mile in a while now but I hear there are changes there - which make me worried for them.

They recently decided to go to a “no-tipping” pricing model . . . but then decided to let their core service staff go . . . . and now are apparently going to a “order at the counter, we’ll bring it to you” model.

This unfortunately makes me feel like they are going through the final death throes of running out of money and trying desperately to survive. I’ve always enjoyed Matt’s food (the chef/owner) and really like Nancy (wife/owner/front of house), so I hope they are able to pull this out. My experience with Country Mile has always been that it is/was very expensive for what you were served . . . the restaurant business is tough, I’m cheering for you.

If anyone has been recently, I’m curious to hear what you’ve experienced.


We still haven’t made it there, and your report makes me even more sad that we haven’t.

I follow them on Instagram and now that you mention, their account has been pretty quiet lately.


I think the chef is quite upfront on their webpage about their changes and that they are struggling- perhaps the biggest indicator is that they only will have three days of service every week. I liked their food when we there but as you said for the quality, and especially quantity, of food it were very steep prices.

Thanks, hadn’t checked their webpage. Will have to give it a read too.

  • Thanks for pointing me to their website. Alright, I’ll go for the re-opening. I really would like them to be successful.