Could we upload pics of ourselves?

I wondered whether we would be allowed to upload a pic of ourselves? After reading the welcome to HO I thought it might be nice to see who we all are.

What do others think?

Only if you disguise yourself. All kidding aside, I did post a picture of myself (real self) besides a few complaints from people whose children saw the pic and had nightmares, nobody chastised me for posting it. I don’t think there is a problem with it, however I would probably stick to that “Welcome” thread so it keeps somewhat on topic. They probably don’t want a ton of people starting new threads to share photo’s etc. (That’s not an official comment just my assumption)


Is that really you???

As with NotJ, can’t it just be one’s avatar?

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Whaddya mean? Mine’s been up since day 1.


Just like those doctors on TV who aren’t one in real life, but play one on TV, I am, and always shall be (on cooking boards) a slender Chef stick figure.

Because I shall never be that IRL…meaning I shall never be a Chef, and most definitely, shall NEVER be a slender stick figure. :smile:


I just uploaded a picture.

Well I just figured out how to upload a profile pic and others. Guess I’m a technical idiot!!

Nah. I had to try it myself :slight_smile:

Back in the primeval days of this Site, I had a pic of myself up for my avatar. It came down after Sampson and others raised concerns that it might be driving traffic away from the Site.

Being a team player, I ceded to their wisdom. Albeit with the caveat that I can bring it back when we hit twenty-five thousand members.


Beware of what you said, we are such a fast growing community, will be hitting 1000 in a few days from now!

That was really you? I thought that was a picture of the Sasquatch from the Jack Links beef jerky commercials. Oh wow…ummm nice beard man!!

I have heard a different story- that yours and NotJr’s dashing pictures were driving many fan requests to meet both of you in person that it overloaded the site and the cheap servers completely.