Could there be an Urgent Help Needed Board?

I’m thinking that sometimes we’re only hours away from serving a meal, and we’ve hit a bump in the road with a dish we have to alter a bit to re-serve as a leftover. And don’t have a clue.

Soups, thicker than concrete;
Second Day Dry Ribs;
Steamed vegetables;
Half T Bone steak leavings…

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I’d suggest that instead of a new board, you will get better result if you just put ‘URGENT HELP NEEDED’ in your topic title. New board needs people to intentionally go there to see the topics, unless they routinely read the latest topics list from the entire site, which many people don’t do.


Soups thicker than concrete: add water and reheat .Its always better the next day anyway .
.Second day dry ribs: add a tablespoon of water and a little bbq sauce wrap in foil. Cook at 225 in the oven for around 40 min . Serve over polenta.
Steamed vegetables: oh well
Half t bone steak : chop up for tacos