Could someone tell me why?

From drinks Absolut launches Oak-Aged Vodka

To make… money? Cuz you know someone’s gonna buy it.

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Because they’ve infused with every thing they can think of from fruit to candy … and it all sells, even that God aweful stuff - didn’t they have marshmallow or cotton candy vodka? Yuck.

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I agree but it might just give it some flavor. Now if it was used bourbon, rye or PX sherry barrels…

Outside of a Bloody Mary I never drink vodka.

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I would say it’s geared towards people who can’t handle the taste of scotch, rye, bourbons etc. I’ll bet it takes off.

Moving on to whiskey flavored vodka. Next up, rum flavored. Then the big leap to gin flavored!


You Sir/Ma’am are a genius!!

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I don’t know about Absolut, but Smirnoff has a marshmallow-flavored vodka. First time I saw an ad for it I realized that civilization is over, and we’re just living in the ruins.


Amen to that . . . .

Sadly, I fear – no, I know – you are correct: it will be a HUGE money-maker . . .

Pinnacle Vodka was one of he first manufacturers to really push the envelop with the different flavors, like marshmallow, cotton candy, key lime, caramel apple etc. etc.

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