Costco selling Fresh Italian Winter White Truffles online - $379.99 for 2 ounces

I got email today from Costco with holiday specials. Included was 2 ounces of Fresh Italian Winter White Truffles for $379.99. It includes Fedex FedEx Priority Overnight shipping. Who’s buying?

For comparison, Williams Sonoma sells one ounce for $400-420 (depending on size). So I guess it’s a good deal.

You can also get the Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin Roast, A-5 Grade 8 lbs for $999.99 to go with the truffles, but that’s been posted here previously.,-A-5-Grade-8-lbs.product.100311384.html


Between the two, I would definitely get the Wagyu beef. I have a couple of trials on the fresh white truffles. They are good. They are just amazing for the price – for me.

Wagyu $999 for 8 pound is about $120 per pound. A little more expensive than my local Japanese store, but not outrageous.