Costco opens in China....................................

This is the video of the first day of business for Costco in China. I think I would wait for the second day. Kind of looks like the videos I’ve seen of the Popeye’s Chicken sandwich.

I saw on TV, they needed to close the door early due to too many people.

Yeah, that was something surprising.

Black Friday at Best Buy. Anywhere in the USA…

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Is some guy just winging out pieces of uncovered/unwrapped raw meat into the crowd? It appears that way :flushed:

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I wonder how much a hot dog and a soda are there. Should be about 10 RMB if it matches the US.

Edit: theres a picture of the menu in the article, it is indeed 10.9 RMB :hotdog: :cup_with_straw:

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Hope the freezers and fridges are cold enough. I went to many supermarkets in China and all of them were warm inside, fridges and chillers were barely cold. Terrible. Chinese supermarkets, foreign supermarkets, big or small it doesn’t matter, the temperature inside was high and fridges were not cold.