Costco November 2023

I was at Costco SSF (Bay Area CA) and often buy cherry tomatoes (especially if “on the vine” and eat fresh or halve and slow roast in oven to use on sandwiches, etc.

Today I saw a new brand and they turned out to be the best yet!!

They also had gorgeous pistachio cookies but I didn’t buy because they were pricey, $15 for a small amount. Bet they’re great!


Where are the tomatoes from? Hothouse grown?

Hot House, USA. If you look at the package it says Leamington, Ontario Canada. Name means Scarlet Red in Japanese. Now I wish I’d bought fresh basil at TJ.

Thanks! I couldn’t magnify the label. They look beautiful.
Most of the grocery store tomatoes we get here in NW Rockies are from Canada and are hot house grown.

There’s no point in eating a tomato if there’s no flavor!

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We have the Hiro’s in NY and they were intensely flavorful and fresh tasting the first time I tried.
We normally buy the campari tomatoes, 2 or 3 boxes at a time, and they are excellent for general use. I only bought a few farmers market tomatoes this summer because of the consistent excellence of the campari.

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Farmers Market dry farmed tomatoes are now $6 lb, these are $8 for 1.5 lbs.