Costco App

Lately my local Costco check out lines including the self checkout lines have been absolutely ridiculous.
Someone in the NJ group suggested using the Costco app as it supposed to work like the Wegmans app which is terrific…
After perusing the app I didn’t notice an option to scan items & then just pay when completed shopping to a pre loaded card.
Anyone here seeing something I’m not?

Nah they don’t have scan and go at Costco at this time. What the poster in the NJ thread said was comparing it to the Wegman’s app : If they have an app that you can scan as you shop you do not need to wait in line to pay, you just show your phone to the person as you leave just like a receipt you get at the register(emphasis mine.)

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I hope to see it. Sam’s Club has had scan and go for years. Costco ought to have rolled out this feature long ago.

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I love Costco, but Costco’s app and general online and tech experience is sad and ripped straight out of 1998. I guess they throw all their resources to the warehouse experience, which I understand. I love the scan and go at my local Stop and Shop, which we’ve had for decades, and I’m still shocked that this isn’t more prevalent at all the other local grocery chains.

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I don’t love Costco but I like it miles more than Sam’s Club. Costco not having Scan and Go is baffling.

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Our local Costcos ended self-checkout several years ago and only put it back in during Covid. I’d think they did it to curtail some theft as the people at the door really don’t seem to do much that could stop more than some of it. If that’s a concern then scan and go has the same risk. Maybe if adding back self-check works out they’ll try it. Just my 2¢.

Oh, I understand it can be frustrating to deal with long checkout lines at Costco. But the Costco app might be able to help in other ways.